Cast No Shadow

Cast album's U. S. debut delayed.

What's with all these bands and solo types delaying their

releases? (Iggy Pop, Paul Westerberg, Porno For Pyros...) Now Cast, the

Liverpudlian band who are Friends Of Oasis (in fact Noel G. told Q

Magazine this month that "There's better bands than Oasis in England. The Verve

are a better band than we are. And Primal Scream, Cast, Ocean Colour Scene.")

have pushed back the release of All Change to April 2. We don't get it,

considering it's the very same album they released in England last year. Maybe

they're getting fancy rock star ideas from their fancy new friends. Besides

Oasis, they've also been hobnobbing with former Who bassist, John Entwhistle.

They met him when they rented out his Manor Studio outside of London to record

All Change and since that time he has turned into one of their biggest

supporters. Although that may have been because the band was undaunted by the

ghosts who occupy Manor. (Yes it's haunted, but not by the ghost of Keith Moon.

He logs in time at Ramparts Studio.) But what do you expect from a band whose

guitarist, a certain Liam Tyson, insists that he's from the planet Venus, and

never drops the act. Very Pee Wee Herman if you ask us. Cast very well may be

worth the wait, with their delectable pop offerings, like their infectious

single, "All Right," which will be out late next month.