Former Dead Kennedy's Leader Biafra Responds To Suit

Artist Winston Smith, who designed this logo, has provided art for the Dead Kennedys for years.

In response to work of the suit, Alternative Tentacles

founder Jello Biafra submitted the following statement:

"RE: Fraternal

Order of Police Press Conference, Philadelphia, PA, February 7, 1996

"We at

Alternative Tentacles Records are always suspicious of any legal action that

begins with a press conference before anyone is served any legal papers. Having

not seen any papers in regard to this lawsuit, we have no idea what this is

really about.

"Based on what we have heard from the press, Philadelphia's

Fraternal Order of Police has a problem with the artwork on The Crucifucks' CD

Our Will Be Done. released on November 1992 on Alternative Tentacles


"Our position is that the artwork, music, and lyrics of this

album, when taken as a whole are intended as social commentary; and therefore

the album is constitutionally protected free speech.

"For over 16 years,

Alternative Tentacles Records has supported artists expressing dissenting

points of view through provocative music, lyrics, and artwork. These artists

have included Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, Tribe 8, Butthole Surfers, D.O.A.,

The Beatnigs (w/ Michael Franti), Life After Life, Wesley Wilis, and many


"Contrary to statements made to the press The Crucifucks are not A

Rap group. Their music is much closer to punk rock. nor can they be

characterized as "gangstas" or thugs. Their leader Doc Dart, once finished

third in the race for Mayor of his home town, garnering enough votes to force a

runoff election. So far the CD has sold around 1,200 copies.

"The art work

in question is clearly commentary about the widespread problem of police

brutality in America. It is no secret many urban police departments harbor

violent renegade officers who hold the same views as someone like Mark Fuhrman

or the ones who assaulted Rodney King. Just ask Mumia Abu-Jamal.


to the press reports we've received, the photo in question was staged: and does

not depict an actual event. Nowhere on the CD artwork is the photo ascribed to

the Philadelphia Police Department in any way. The public would never have

known the picture came from Philadelphia if not for the FOP press


"As always, Alternative Tentacles Records will stand by The

Crucifucks and all of our artists.