Talkin' The Talk With The Rentals Matt Sharp, Part 2

Stunts. Stunts?

ATN San Francisco correspondent Clare

Kleinedler met with

Matt Sharp, leader of The Rentals, on Monday (Jan. 29). Here is the


of her interview with Sharp. (Part 1 ran in "Music News Of The World" on

Monday, Feb. 5):

Addicted To Noise: Do you feel like you have more

creative control in The Rentals than in Weezer?

Matt Sharp: Definitely. But

Weezer is a different thing...less people and we definitely all have input into

it, and we all have an impact on it. Everyone in The Rentals has an impact,

too, but it's a little different. Weezer is a really set thing. It's like these

four guys and people pretty much know who the four of us are individually.

That's not the same in The Rentals because there's some people who worked with

me on the record but don't come out on the road. It's a little more


ATN: I did notice that the version of the Rentals on the record is

somewhat different from the band you have out on the road...

Sharp: It's a

different band. The drummer and one of the keyboard players are different. I

played about 95 percent of the keyboards on the record, so live, they're

playing all the parts I played on the record.

ATN: Are people beginning to

recognize you more as the singer of The Rentals and not the bassist from


Sharp: Weezer never had a problem being recognized, except when I

had blonde hair I could pretty much get away with never being recognized. But

with this, it's a little more obvious because I'm wearing glasses most of the

time, and people just seem to be able to point that out. I guess it's sort of a


ATN: Upcoming plans for The Rentals?

Sharp: Well, we're

doing this tour with Blur, which is probably the thing I'm most excited about.

And then we do the Chili Pepper's tour, and that's only for a week. I'm looking

forward to it just because it's going to be incredibly enormous venues like

Madison Square Garden...that's just more of a novelty for me. It's like "Wow, I

can't believe we're playing this!"

ATN: Then you tour with


Sharp: Yeah, for a month or so. That should be really cool. We

talked about this thing of having us play and then them play...sort of an

electronic freak-out thing afterwards of me and Butch Vig. They have all these

sequencers and weird things, so we want to hook up our keyboards to their

sequencers and just do something. I don't know if we're going to have time to

do it, but it would be kind of fun to be creative on the road.

ATN: Any new

videos from The Rentals?

Sharp: We just did a video for "Waiting" and it's

being edited right now. We shot a lot of footage, so I guess they're trying to

figure it all out.

ATN: Any hints on what it's going to be like?

Sharp:'s going to be everybody.

ATN: You did all your own


Sharp: No, there was professionals. We did some of our own, but the

stunts were pretty heavy duty. We did it with Roman Coppola, and I basically

told him the idea and then he just helped me figure out how we were gonna pull

it off. It's basically a polar opposite to where we were before; it's a totally

different view on us, I guess.

ATN: From the "Friends of P"


Sharp: Yeah, because that was such a's so not what we're

about as far as what you would expect when you see us live. I mean I think

that's what's good about it, but it's also confusing.

ATN: I think people

expect you to come out on stage in suits and glasses...

Sharp: Yeah, I

think everybody does. I think the video was a mistake in a way because some

people are disappointed that we aren't in suits all the time, and other people

are just like, "What are you doing?" So I think this video is just the other

side of the spectrum. The "P" video was sort of Eastern European and this video

is way more totally big American explosions and things like that.

ATN: Tell

me a funny fan story.

Sharp: Some kid went as me for Halloween. He came to

a show in a suit and showed us pictures of him dressed up for Halloween. He had

made a cardboard bass guitar and had borrowed his mother's glasses...


Your "P" image.

Sharp: Yeah, from that era...that short era.

ATN: What

is the current era of The Rentals?

Sharp: Stunts. We're definitely in the

stunt era right now.