Gore Gives Metallica A Guitar Lesson

Those ATN readers who live in the greater San Francisco

Bay Area already know that the extraordinary guitarist/Guitar Player

editor Joe Gore played with the even more extraordinary Tom Waits at Oakland's

Paramount Theater this past Sunday (Feb. 4) for a benefit for his friend, club

owner Don Hyde, who's facing drug charges from an altercation with the DEA and

a quantity of LSD. All the proceeds from the concert will go towards Hyde's

legal costs. What you don't know is that after the show, Metallica's Kirk

Hammett called up Gore, (who's now back at Guitar Player magazine

half-time since PJ Harvey is no longer touring) and asked him about a guitar

sound he heard during Joe's solo on "In The Coliseum." Apparently there was a

backward loop effect that Hammett said he'd been trying to get for years, and

he wanted Gore to tell all. Gore, ever the guitar teacher did exactly that.