My Brother Was An Only Child: The Chemical Brothers Release A New EP

Mystery men.

Those mysterious DJ artistes, the Chemical Brothers (who

are neither brothers or chemical, and aren't Manchester-born, no matter what

anyone tells you) are releasing a four song EP on Caroline Records on February

27, entitled "Loops of Fury." This is supposed to hold us over until the

release of their follow-up to last year's excellent Exit Planet Dust,

which should be in the clubs and in the stores sometime this fall. The oddball

duo are currently in a studio somewhere in London (you didn't expect these

social outcasts to actually tell us where did you?) with a few of their

friends. Their label told us to expect more "special guest appearances" a la

Tim Burgess of the Charlatans on "Life Is Sweet" but wouldn't tell us who. They

did mention what very close friends Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands were with Oasis,

so anything is possible.

The Chemicals Brothers irreverence is both

legendary and refreshing. They told a reporter earlier this month that "we go

out of our way to make machines sound like they're being used by a group of

people in a room who are drunk." Although they are considered state-of-the-art

mixers they shun state-of-the-art equipment in favor of "horrible old effects"

pedals, in fact they began life using New Order's old sound system, and if the

truth be told, they're still using bits and pieces of it. "We use digital

stuff, but we try to match it up with things that make it organic and raw, so

it sounds raw. Like, with us you can hear the hum of an amp which you don't get

with records that are clinically made." You can witness this raw power at the

Gathering Of The Tribes festival outside of London on May 4 if you're in the