Courtney Love To Record With Smashing Pumpkins?

What we want to know is, if Courtney records with Billy, will she get one of those silver space suits?

We hear that Courtney Love and Big Pumpkin Billy Corgan

have discussed recording a song together (when their schedules allow, of

course). That makes sense, given that Love took a break from wrapping up her

role as Althea Flynt (filming in Memphis), jetted to L. A. this past weekend

and showed up at the Hollywood Palace to join the Pumpkins on-stage for the

last song. According to witnesses, the Loved One grabbed a guitar and executed

a brief solo before exiting stage left--only to return astride a roadie (that

is in their job description) who handed her off to Billy Corgan, her very

special friend. A Geffen Records spokesman told us: "We haven't heard anything

definite about the recording, but to be safe, let's just say maybe it'll

happen. But you know Courtney." Sure do. We also learned that Geffen has had a

rather lengthy discussion with Butch Vig, who told them not to be surprised if

he does produce the next Hole album--something he alluded to during an

exclusive interview with ATN last week.