Say It's Your Birthday: Bob Marley

Rastaman vibrations.

Had Robert Nesta Marley not succumbed to cancer on May

11,1981, today would have been the reggae missionary's fifty-first birthday.

Though he was almost single-handedly responsible for internationally

popularizing Jamaican music, it's not really even necessary to discuss Bob

Marley in terms of reggae. WE know plenty of people who have no special feeling

for reggae but are passionate about Marley music. Marley may have embodied

reggae-music but his artistry--both in it's spiritual source point and it's

social impact--was truly beyond category. We don't care what you think about

reggae, but if your heart is unmoved by "No Woman No Cry" or your feet are

unmoved by "Jammin," you're someone to be avoided in our book, mon. Other

birthdays today are Fabian, Natalie Cole, Punky Meadows of Angel, non-punky

British crooner Rick Astley, ATN correspondent Denise