Ministry On The Road

Cover art from Ministry's latest.

The Ministry tour that everyone said Al Jourgensen

wouldn't live to see, will commence on March 16 and will run through May. We

hear it's supposed to be a major blowout, but one can never tell, given the

temperament and pH balance of the aforementioned Al J. As for hors d' oeuvres,

Ministry had wanted Soundgarden to open up for them, but Lollapalooza has been

pounding on Chris Cornell's door a little harder than Al and Paul, and it looks

like they may have snared them for the summer fest. But no slouches, these

Chi-town lads who have asked homeys, Jesus Lizard to open up for them on the

coast-to-coast tour. As we speak Jesus Lizard is deciding whether they can do

the entire tour or just a portion of it. A spokesmen for the Filth Pigs told

ATN that "the ball's in their court, we just know we want them." As for the

Lizards, they are on the brink of releasing their fifth album (but first major

label release) called Shot on April 16.