AC/DC Ask the Question:

Shorts a little too tight Angus?

ATN's San Jose correspondent had the temerity to ask Angus

Young, AC/DC's aging school boy, if the shorts in his trademark uniform chafed.

"Of course they do," he said. "They did when we were kids and they do now," he

revealed without revealing anything at all. Our girl asked him why they still

bother to get up there after all these years, and the slight guitarist/singer

mumbled something about boys still wanting to have fun. Angus told another

reporter that he doesn't listen to any contemporary music, only the old stuff,

and he hadn't even heard of Hootie and the Blowfish. We at ATN wish we were

that lucky. Recently we learned the distressing news that the guys have gone

and formed their own record company, naming it Breaking Records. Hootie and Co.

will "help Atlantic Records decide" what band's to sign to the Columbia, SC

based label. The band's manager tried to explain that they were just hobbyists.

"Were not looking for a gazillion dollars, God knows we don't need it. We just

want to help new bands get started." Yeah, but the problem for us is gonna be

what kind of new bands they want to help get started. Hell is a place filled

with 1000 Hootie clones. Or as Alice Cooper once said, welcome to my