Cardigans Rock Japan; U. S. A. Next

Life a big hit in Japan.

ATN San Francisco correspondent Clare Kleinedler reports:

Indie label Minty Fresh has just added a new band to their repertoire that'll

make up for losing the female led rock quartet Veruca Salt to DGC last year.

The label has brought The Cardigans on board, and if the Swedish lounge-pop act

is half as successful as they have been in Europe and Japan, Minty Fresh will

again have something to sing about. The Cardigan's debut album Life sold

over a million copies in Japan last year, and several singles off the album

made the top ten on the British pop charts. A new single, "Rise & Shine," was

just released in England. The buzz has now crossed over to the San Francisco,

where the band's earlier single "Carnival" is being played regularly on the

alterna-radio station Live 105. Verdict? Good move, Minty Fresh.