Oasis Nab Star Of "The Avengers"

Secret Agent Man John Steed.

We always thought "The Avengers" was a pretty cool UK TV

show, and now we learn that Oasis' Noel Gallagher does too. None other than

Patrick Macnee, who starred as secret agent John Steed in the now classic TV

series, will appear in the video for Oasis' next single (and follow-up to their

mega hit "Wonderwall"), "Don't Look Back In Anger." The song is sung by Noel,

not Liam. The video was shot during the group's recent tour of the U. S. at a

Beverly Hills mansion. Other than in reruns, we last saw Macnee playing Sir

Dennis Eton-Hogg, head of Polymer Records, in This Is Spinal Tap. For

more on Oasis, we suggest you read the Addicted To Noise Q&A in the current

issue; just head over to our features section.