Westerberg Album Pushed Back Again

Just waitin' on the cover art.

Paul Westerberg's album finally has a name. The Minnesota

native decided not to call it simply Paul Westerberg but has dubbed it

Eventually because it has taken so long to birth it. It's even taken

longer than first reported. It was due out on April 9, but has now been delayed

until April 30, because Westerberg, ever the perfectionist, didn't like the

cover art. He had the cover picture reshot last week in Minneapolis in minus 15

degree cold. It was so cold that the photographer's camera froze--but hopefully

he got some good shots before his shutter shut for the last time--either that

or we can expect Eventually on Memorial Day. We've heard the album and

think that "Ain't Got Me" is a standout. First single is called "Love Untold."