NOFX 1, Bikini Kill 0

Bikini Kill in the studio.

NOFX recently released Heavy Petting Life and they

marked the release of their sixth album by deciding not to do any press. Their

A&R guru, Jeff Abarta, vice president of Epitaph told us that this isn't

necessarily a permanent thing: "They just don't want to be lumped in with all

the other punk bands. It's not to say they won't do another interview in their

life, but just not now." But should we expect any less of the band that proudly

proclaims that "you can buck the system and still be successful?"


feisty reprobates played a show in Honolulu this past weekend with Bikini Kill.

Anybody who knows NOFX trivia is privy to the fact that Kathleen Hanna and crew

hate this California punk band, and have never tried to cover up the fact that

they consider them misogynist pigs. To get back at the lovely ladies, Fat

Mike, Eric Melvin, Eric Sandin and El Hefe gleefully dedicated the lesbian love

song "Liza And Louise" from their 1993 album White Trash, Two Heebs & A

Bean to the Seattle denizens, just to rile the girl band up. Do you think

this is the start of another high profile feud? NOFX should give Courtney Love

a call and see how she mis-handled Hanna. They don't want to end up attending a

compulsory anger management program like Love did after she slugged the singer

during last year's Lollapalooza show at The Gorge in George, Washington.