Say It's Your Birthday: Aztec Camera's Roddy Frame

Control freak.

If, like us, you celebrated Super Sunday a little too

vigorously, your aching brain has a limited tolerance for birthday cheer. So

it's a subdued happy birthday we offer to Roddy Frame (born in 1964) of Aztec

Camera, a band that has pretty much never existed. There may have been a couple

of other charter Aztecs when young Roddy started the group in 1980, but for as

long as we can remember it's been the Scottish singer/songwriter and whoever he

decides to invite along for the ride. Over the years, drafted Aztecs have

included Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, Michael Jonzun, Mick Jones, and Ryuichi

Sakamoto. But because the casting is determined by the needs of his songs, it

usually comes out sounding like Roddy Frame. Or Aztec Camera, whatever that may

be today. Other birthdays: David Byron (Uriah Heep), Tommy Erdelyi (AKA Tommy

Ramone), and Eddie Jackson