Say It's Your Birthday: Wolfman Jack

Gone but not forgotten.

Not exactly a stellar day for rock and roll births, but

we'll do the best we can. Probably most colorful among today's contenders is

the late disc jockey Wolfman Jack. Not having heard the Wolfman growlin' and

howlin' on the radio in his early 1960's prime we can't tell you he was the

greatest rock and roll DJ of all time, but he certainly made a good living in

the '70s and the '80s symbolizing the quintessential rock jock in movies like

American Graffiti and television programs like Midnight Special.

Todd Rundgren wrote a song in his honor, and the Wolfman himself guested on

tribute records by the Guess Who and Stampeders. Wolfman Jack even made a

couple of records of his own. One, "Wolfman Boogie (Part 2), " dating from 1965

when he was on the air at KUXL in Minneapolis, is available on the delightful

CD collection of Frat Rock Obscurities Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go

recently released on Arf! Arf" Records. (Contact Arf! Arf! at P.O. Box 465,

Middleborough, MA 02346.) Other birthdays today are Richie Havens, Wendy James

(Transvision Vamp), Billy Ocean, and Crodell Crocket (Ugly Kid