Highway To Hell

Squirrels debut.

They're dropping like flies. First there was the For

Squirrels tragedy last fall, when the van they were riding in overturned,

leaving two of the members, and their road manager dead. Next the all but

indestructible Ozzie Osbourne was in a taxi cab accident on his way back from a

radio interview in Houston, Texas last week. The taxi he was riding in was

rear-ended, and Osbourne was knocked unconscious, and suffered severe whiplash.

He received doctor's orders to take-off at least two weeks to recuperate. The

invincible Osbourne would only consent to canceling one show--if only to show

the world that he isn't too old to rock and roll, despite the fact that he

dubbed his last tour the "farewell tour"--something he rues to this


The on January 17, Gwen Mars were in a similar accident. They were

carefully wending their way through a Wyoming snowstorm in their mini-van,

pulling a U-Haul truck behind them which contained all their equipment. From

out of the near-white out conditions came a big semi that rear-ended the

U-Haul, at an incredible speed, considering the extreme weather conditions. The

Wyoming Highway patrol who came to the scene commented on how lucky Gwen Mars

was, telling the guys that had they not been pulling the U-Haul, they wouldn't

have been there to tell the story. Like Ozzy they too went to the hospital, but

were later released. They were forced to cancel only one show in Denver. The

next day they were able to round up another vehicle, and some rented equipment,

and were able to play their gig in