Oasis Reach The Top Ten

The album with the song that has taken Oasis to Hitland.

Word has it that Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher's standard

response to the ubiquitous, "How are you?" is "I'm rich." Besides oodles of

cash, and their first American top ten hit with "Wonderwall," the guitarist is

acquiring quite the bloated self-image. Sporting a John Lennon hat circa

Hard Days Night and round rose-colored glasses he all but elbowed his

brother, Liam out of the recent MTV's Ultimate Winter Vacation show, when he

commandeered the lead vocals on "Wonderwall," and continually wandered out of

tune, while his brother, by far the better singer (and vocalist on the record)

played listless tambourine. And you wonder why the siblings fight so much. We

were ready to wrestle the elder Gallagher ourselves, just to get him to stop

singing. (Look for an interview with Noel Gallagher in the Feb. issue of

Addicted To Noise.