Marilyn Manson Shocked

Manson is the name, destroying clubs is my game.

Marilyn Manson incited a near-riot at the Lost Horizon

club in Syracuse on Friday (Jan. 11). Apparently the stage was improperly

grounded and about halfway though the band's set, Manson (Don't Call Me Marilyn

Unless You Mean It, and never, ever call me by real name of Brian Warner) began

receiving shocks from the microphone. Whenever Manson sang into the mike he was

shocked. The second time it happened, Manson was knocked to the ground, and a

bit dazed. He promptly picked himself up, and stalked off-stage, removing his

stage get up. Somehow the management of the club coaxed him back out, by

assuring him that the rubber mat that they put in front of the mic would

prevent more shocks. Manson was skeptical, but came out nonetheless in his

civilian clothes, t-shirt and jeans, and attempted another song. Again, untold

volts of electricity coursed through his body, and the singer was visibly

upset. The crowd in Syracuse, never known for their forbearance, were also

righteously pissed off, since Marilyn Manson had cut short the set by thirty

minutes. In retaliation they began trashing the club, ripping ceiling tiles

out, and pulling the lights out of their rigging. One source who was there told

us that Manson told the kids: "Let's fuck this place up." The club suffered

$1,500 in damages, and Manson left the place sporting a nasty cut on his head

from a flying ceiling tile. Now you can appreciate why Marilyn Manson was

nominated for Performance Magazine's Best Touring act for 1995. Never a

dull moment.