Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, Or Is It? Jackson & Presley Split

Love birds no more.

We have to tell you that here in ATN-land, we've always

maintained that the Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley "marriage," was a

calculated PR move to improve the family values quotient of Jackson's image. We

figured from the start that after a couple of years this odd couple would be

splitsville. So it wasn't exactly the biggest surprise when we learned

yesterday that, after only twenty months of marriage, Lisa Marie Presley

Jackson has filed for divorce from Jackson , citing irreconcilable differences.

After the surprise 1994 union, rock and roll's "royal couple" became the target

of countless accusations of having a loveless, sexless marriage. Lisa and

Michael fired back with very public displays of affection, including a ten

second smooch on-stage at 1994's MTV Music Video Award Show and appeared side

by side for a supposed tell-all television interview with Diane Sawyer last

year, in which they batted eyelashes back and forth while insisting that they

had had sex together. As if this wasn't enough, the couple appeared naked

together, hamming it up for the cameras in the video for Jackson's song, "You

Are Not Alone." Jackson's publicist Lee Solters told reporters that " he knew

nothing about the divorce." Will Jackson sue Presley for half of her 100

Million dollar fortune? Will Presley demand her share of the Neverland Ranch?

To these questions we can only say, who