Perry Farrell Down Under

Report just in from Perry Farrell's manager Paul V

regarding how Porno For Pyros' dates Down Under are going. In addition to

playing the Big Day Out touring festival, Porno for Pyros is headlining at a

number of clubs. Mr. V., sleepless in New Zealand, told us that Farrell

wandered into a wine bar across the street from one club the band performed at,

and offered his uh, services. No he wasn't waiting tables, instead Porno played

an acoustic set with only a single microphone and a bass amp. They played the

entire new album acoustically, much like they did at last year's acoustic

Christmas shows.

"We plan to do this in every city we perform in," said V.

"We're going to find gatherings, and strip it down, because all of Porno's

stuff works so well acoustically. Hearing an acoustic 'Oceansize' was amazing.

This club was very cool. There were only about 50 people there, some of them

had no idea who Perry Farrell was, but it didn't make a bit of difference. Of

course there were some moshers but most of the audience was just listening and

swaying to the music. You know how Perry likes to stir up shit, and now he

knows he can do it without getting bigger and bolder--you can say more with a

whisper than a scream."

Sonny Reinhardt, formerly with Beck is now Porno's

second guitar, and according to Paul V., former "temporary" bassist Mike Watt

is here to stay. " I think Mike is pretty permanent," he told us. And that's

all you can ever ask of Mike Watt. In attendance at this very cool show were

members of the Chills, Dirty Three, Rancid, and Elastica. In fact the guys from

Rancid were so taken aback by the show, that they asked if they could do

something acoustically with Porno.

After their shows in Australia, Porno

is off to Hawaii on February 9, to perform at the 1200-capacity After Dark Club

in Honolulu. A few days of R& R, and then it's back to Los Angeles on February

13, where they'll concentrate on finishing up all the pesky little details they

have to attend to beforeGods Good Urge is released this Spring. It now

looks like the release date may be pushed back to May, due to the cover art.

Either the CD sleeve will be a painting by Perry or an image that Perry has

"worked on."