Waiting On The Cure

The Cure's Robert Smith graced cover of N.M.E. last year.

Just when we'd kissed off the Cure, we get word that,

finally, there will be a new studio album. The moody Robert Smith has put

together yet another configuration of the Cure, and over the last year and a

half, working in two converted manor houses in Sussex and Bath, the band has

recorded over twenty new songs. This long-awaited album will be the first new

Cure album since 1993's Paris. The new line-up includes Roger O'Donnell

on keyboards, Jason Cooper on drums, Perry Bamonte on guitar, and Simon

Gallup on bass plus Smith, as usual on guitar and vocals. (Cure

stalwart Paul Thompson left about a year ago to join up with Page and Plant.)

The band is off to South America to perform in the Hollywood Rocks festivals

along with ATN faves Supergrass, and then it's back to the UK to do the final

weaning process, before mixing the album. We're told that "Robert is very

pleased with the album, and seems very relaxed." Relaxed? Are we talking about

the same Robert Smith, malcontent extraordinaire? Those who have heard the new

tracks say they are reminiscent of the gloom rock stuff of the early eighties,

quintessential goth, but with more of a pop sensibility. The

album, which is yet untitled, will be out in