Say It's Your Birthday: Korn's Jonathan Davis

Korn are some scary mofos.

Today's bouncing birthday boy is Korn vocalist Jonathan

Davis, born a quarter century ago in Bakersfield, CA. Home to Buck Owens, Merle

Haggard and a country "sound" all its own, music is big business in Bakersfield

and Jonathan's dad was one of those businessmen. He owned the local music

store, profitable enough that it made possible the purchase of the recording

studio built by Buck Owens. Having seen the music business close up, Davis Sr.

discouraged any such foolishness at home. So Jonathan, good son that he is,

went to mortuary college in San Francisco and wound up back in Bakersfield as a

Kern County coroner's assistant. How Jonathan Davis went from a promising

career in the dead people industry to being the front maniac for Korn is an

interesting tale, and will be told in detail in the next issue of ATN.

Meanwhile, have a slice of cake and a beaker of formaldehyde. Other birthdays

of note belong to Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band mastermind "Legs" Larry Smith, Temptin

Temptation David Ruffin, hip-hop maestro DJ Quick and his latest protégé,

rapper Bobby Goldsboro.