Don't Drink And Plow: Morphine Drummer Injured

Drummer's foot broken.

ATN Boston correspondent Seth "Snow? What's

Snow" Mnookin

reports: Boston rockers Laurie Sargeant and Morphine drummer Billy

Conway were

recently struck by a purportedly drunken snowplower while enjoying the snow

scene in northern New England. While neither sustained life-threatening

injuries, both required extensive medical care...which means extensive medical

costs. (Conway, among other things, broke his foot in the fiasco, which makes

it awfully hard to drum.) Cambridge's Middle East will be hosting a benefit to

help with Sargeant's and Conway's medical bills on January 23. Soul Coughing,

Morphine frontman Mark Sandman, Grooveasaurus, and Bristle are scheduled to

perform. Call (617) 864-EAST for more