Filter Record New Song For "X-Files"

Filter and the "X-Files?" Perfect match. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

To hold us over until Filter do some serious time in the

studio and record the follow-up to their monster debut, Short Bus (which

included the brilliant "Hey Man Nice Shot," the rockin' industrial duo have a

new song ready to go. "Thanks, Bro," will appear on the upcoming X-Files

album, which is being produced by ATN's own David Was. Filter's Richard Patrick

says the song is "softer and moodier" that the songs that graced Short

Bus. "Thanks, Bro" is a sarcastic thank-you to Richard's brother Robert,

who you'll recall played the shiny metallic Terminator in T2). It was none

other than Robert who suggested that Richard get into the music business.

"Thanks, Bro" will "work great for slow death scenes in the show," according to

Richard Patrick. The group is also working on a song for The Crow ll.

And, as soon as they finish their dates on the White Zombie tour here in the U.

S., they head for Europe to tour with Smashing Pumpkins. Then they record