Kiss and Tell

Putting the make-up back on.

We always knew that Kiss couldn't resist putting on the

makeup again (it's been off since the release of 1980's Kiss Unmasked),

and after they appeared on MTV'sUnplugged with founding band members Ace

Frehley and Peter Criss, we knew that a reunion tour was just a kiss away, as

they say. ATN has it on very good authority that Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter are

planning an American tour this coming April with all the frills. Yes that does

mean make-up, leather, and the ostentatious staging. We understand that they

are planning on recreating 1977's Love Gun tour, and reliving their moment of

glory when they were declared the number one group in America by the Gallop

Poll. The next question has got to be: what about the "new" members, Bruce

Kulick and Eric Singer. We hear that they are still in the band and will

continue to receive their weekly salary (that's gotta kill Stanley and Simmons,

well known for their parsimony). As evidence that this is only a temporary

restoration of the original group, Mercury Records offered as evidence the fact

that Kiss just finished a studio album with Singer and Kulick, although we're

not sure what assurance that