Bruce Springsteen Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Friend of the working man (and woman).

Bruce Springsteen performed in Detroit this past week, and

would not let anyone from the two striking newspapers, The Detroit News

and The Detroit Free Press, who had crossed the picket line attend the

show. In addition Springsteen announced from the stage at the historic Fox

Theater, that he was donating all the proceeds from merchandise sales for a

fund for striking newspaper workers, and then added that he would match the

merchandise sales total. The following day the scab Detroit News

retaliated and reported that Springsteen's t-shirts are produced by a non-union

manufacturer, which they claim makes him a hypocrite of the highest order.

Knowing the Boss, we're sure that if this is true, he had no idea that

non-union workers were behind his shirts. We'll keep you updated on the

continuing saga of the common man.