Former Oasis Drummer Sues Band

Who cares about lawsuits when you're finally breaking big in the U. S. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Noel Gallagher probably didn't know exactly what kind if

stuff Tony McCarroll was made out of when he gave him the boot last year,

replacing the drummer with Alan White. McCarroll is currently seeking damages

from the band in addition to royalties from (What's The Story) Morning

Glory. According to NME, a High Court writ was issued by McCarroll's

solicitors, Jens Hills. The writ read as follows: "His expulsion from Oasis was

due to Noel Gallagher's personal dislike of him and had nothing to do with his

abilities as a musician." Not to forget any of the seamy little details,

remember when McCarroll and Liam Gallagher came to fisticuffs in Paris, after

McCarroll found out that he was being fired? That was a tiff that Creation

Records tried to deny ever occurred, saying that the split was amicable--now

they'll have to eat their words. In related Oasis news, we just got word that

Oasis's UK Record Company, Creation Records just presented a brand new

chocolate brown Rolls Royce for Noel--despite the fact that Gallagher doesn't

drive! Brother Liam reportedly got a Rolex watch, a jacket and vintage guitar,

despite the fact he doesn't