Friends New Friends

Bet he wishes he wasn't on that Friends album.

Friends is co-opting '70s icons to guest on the

show. First Chrissie Hynde did it, now Marlo "That Girl" Thomas will appear as

Rachel's mother, and next the redoubtable '70s heart throb from Magnum

PI, Tom Selleck will appear on three episodes, unbelievably as Monica's

boyfriend on the oh-so-trendy rip-off of former rock journalist Cameron Crowe's

Singles. In their effort to keep au courant, Newt's sister, Candace

Gingrich, will also appear as the minister who performs the ceremony when Ross'

ex-wife marries her lesbian lover on an upcoming segment. Why should you care?

Well you shouldn't, except that the Friends soundtrack album contains

some cool songs by Paul Westerberg.