Smashing Pumpkins Lose Video Footage For "1979"

If you've got the tapes, hand 'em over. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The Smashing Pumpkins were filming a video for "1979" when

a member of the crew did the old drive-away trick. You know the one, where you

leave something on top of the car and drive away into the sunset and lose said

article. Well, according to ZENtertainment, that's exactly what

happened when a crew member left four beta tapes of the shoot's footage and

drove off, losing all the film. The band's label, Virgin Records, has offered a

$1000 reward for the safe return of the footage, but if no one turns it in, the

band will be forced to return to the scene of the crime--Santa Clarita Valley--

and shoot another vid. So far there have been no ransom notes.