Noise Addict's Ben Lee Talks (Briefly)

Young Australian rocker Ben Lee.

ATN correspondent Chris Nelson grabbed Noise

Addict leader

Ben Lee for a very brief interview when the group was in Philadelphia the other

night. Noise Addict's new album, Meet the Real You has just been

released on the Beastie Boys Grand Royal label.

Addicted To Noise: Have all

your U.S. shows been all ages?

Ben Lee: Yeah, so far.

ATN: How does the

size of this show compare to the shows you're used to playing back


Lee: Same size as this. Some of the other shows we did, like in

Portland or L.A., have been way bigger, like five times bigger.

ATN: How

long will the tour last?

Lee: All of January. Next we go to New York,

Boston, and L.A.

ATN: Is Noise Addict headlining all the dates?


Yeah, except in Japan, we're doing a show with the Beastie Boys.

ATN: Did

you work with producer Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Veruca Salt) again on the new


Lee: Yeah. It was good. It's always fun to do it with him. He knows

what we want. It's compatible, you know?

ATN: What's it like to be on the

Grand Royal label? Do they give you good support?

Lee: It's really good.

Basically, everything they do, they put past us...It's perfect for me right

now. In Australia, our record label doesn't do as much, they don't initiate as

many things. But Grand Royal's on the ball.

ATN: I want to ask you about

one of your songs, although I'm hesitant, because I don't want to ask a writer

to offer the definitive interpretation. But I've listened to "The Frail Girl"

about twenty times today, and I can't figure out *why* she's frail. In the

song, she's got the power over singer.

Lee: In the beginning...I have a

friend we call the frail girl, she just falls over in the wind. The song's a

paradox; I thought [the title] was appropriate. There's a Keats poem, "La Belle

Dame sans Merci" (it means "The Beautiful Lady Without Pity"). It's about a

really strong person who's covering up lots of insecurities. That's what I

think...[the interpretation] is as much mine as anyone else's.