Say It's Your Birthday: Dave Grohl

He knows how to rock.

Today is the 27th birthday of Dave Grohl, one of our

favorite people. What qualifies Dave for such a high placing on ATN's preferred

pop star list. There are scores of reasons, but we'll gladly part with a few

here. Number one: Not so much that he was in Nirvana, but that he was the

drummer of Nirvana. Because after the songs, the coolest thing about Nirvana

was about how Dave beat the living piss out of his drum kit. Number two:

Because in the wake of Kurt Cobain's death, when all the news reports had Dave

joining Pearl Jam (yawn), he actually came closer to joining Tom Petty and the

Heartbreakers, a way cooler move. Because even though he recorded the Foo

Fighters album playing virtually all the instruments himself, he cut in the

other band members to a full slice of the royalty pie. Number four: Because he

is providing Pat Smear with gainful employment. Number five: because he is so

polite, obviously having been raised properly. Unless you have spent the better

part of your life attempting to interact with pop stars, you can't begin to

understand how rare this is. Thank you Mr. Grohl, and happy birthday. Also

birthday wishes to our other not quite preferred pop star but he's OK too, L.

L. Cool J.