New York Times Calls Rock Hall Of Fame "Sexist"

In today's New York Times Stephen Holden writes:

"As for the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame's attitude toward women, there's only

one word to describe it: sexist." Holden wonders why Joni Mitchell , who he

believes is more influential than any of this year's inductees (Bowie, Gladys

Knight and the Pips, Jefferson Airplane, Little Willie John, Pink Floyd, the

Shirelles, Velvet Underground), has yet to be inducted herself. He also points

out that ion the museum itself, of 500 recordings included in a data base of

the "500 most influential songs," only 59 are by women. He notes that while

Joni Mitchell does have one songs included in that list ("Help Me"), AC/CD,

Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Eddie Cochran and the Monkees have two. As Evelyn

"Champagne" King once sang, "Shame shame