Say It's Your Birthday: Jill Sobule

Good day to kiss another girl.

Today is the birthday of Jill Sobule, who had one of

1995's unlikeliest hits with the entirely-too-charming-to-be-controversial "I

Kissed A Girl." That it was so lightweight is probably what allowed it to work,

as Sobule acknowledged in a recent interview in the fanzine Rockrgrl,

"It's not so much a statement as a goofy little story that had the kind of

intrigue and feeling of a first kiss. And I was able to do it with the same sex

thing, because if I were going to write about my first kiss with a boy, that

would have been from a 12-year-old perspective, whereas this could be from

anybody's age group, and I thought that was a really fun thing to do. I love it

for it's dumbness." She may have come up with a dumb hit, but Jill's a smart

writer and there's more going on here than one novelty tune, as we'll all no

doubt discover when her new album is released later on this year. Other

birthdays today are all band guys: Trevor Rabin (Yes), Wayne Coyne (Flaming

Lips), Graham "Suggs" McPherson (Madness), Fred Cavanagh (Filter), Cornelius

Bumpus (Doobie Brothers), John Lees (Barkley James Harvest) Fred White (Earth,

Wind and Fire).