New Album Reviews Up In "44.1 kHz"

Thing is we have this section of ATN where we get real

good writers to transfer their thoughts about albums to the computer screen.

Then they e-mail them to us, we edit them, and put them up along with sound

samples and little pictures of the cover. We call that

HREF="/ATN/issues/2.01/Sections/44.1kHz/">"44.1 kHz," and if you

like albums, you probably want to go there now and read some of the words our

writers have written. In addition of Beth Winegarner's review of Alice In

Chain's latest opus, trip on Gil Kaufman's smart take on Teengenerate, G.

Pascal Zachary's (sure that's his name) thoughts on Joshua Redman's latest,

Aidin Vaziri's words of wisdom regarding the Cocteau Twins and other good