The Soul of DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow's masterpiece.

Sometimes, just when we think we've really got our finger

on the pulse, like we're listening to the Iggy Pop album that won't be out for

two months or something and think, "Boy is this cool to be listening to the new

Iggy Pop album a full two months before it will be released," we head over to

Aquarius Records, which is one of the coolest record stores in the known

universe, but which happens to be located on 24th Street in San

Francisco. Now

what happens when we go into Aquarius Records, is we discover racks and racks

of CDs we know nothing about. It makes us feel very humble. And what we usually

do is ask Windy or Cathy what's good. So yesterday afternoon, we wandered into

Aquarius and there was one of the Aquarius experts fiddling with some CDs that

we'd never seen before. "Windy," we said to her. "What's that?" Well, it turns

out that there's this whole jungle thing that we only know a vague bit about

that Windy thinks is "as exciting as punk was 20 years ago." And the grooves

Windy was really jumping up and down about are the ones coming out on this UK

label called Mo Wax. Before we knew what we were doing we'd gone in serious

debt purchasing "What Does Your Soul Look Like" by DJ Shadow and Headz--A

Soundtrack of Experimental Hip-Hop Jams. Windy explained that DJ Shadow is

this kid who lives up in Davis (that's near Sacramento) who just happens to be

a turntable genius who creates monster jams. The DJ Shadow stuff is

atmospheric, slow groove beat shit with some jazzy flavors and some James Bond

guitar on one track and you want to get high and have sex for about 24 hours

straight about two seconds after you start listening to it. In fact, if Bob

Dole and Tipper Gore heard this stuff, they'd immediately try to have it made

illegal, cause it really is night music.