Iggy's Winter Vacation and Perry's Own Personal Lollapalooza

Yeah, that's how the Igster used to look too.

Iggy Pop was stuck in Budapest Hungary last week, and

wasn't able to get back to New York because of the Blizzard of '96. He got to

that foreign land because, after his week's worth of interviews in L. A., he

decided he deserved a vacation, and ever the history buff, he decided to take

his guidebooks and walking shoes to Budapest where he spent a week attending

the opera and poking around old cathedrals. He told ATN that he was especially

moved when he poked his head into one church and found it empty save four

priests who were singing sacred songs just for themselves. He reset his

biological clock, and got ready to depart when he got the news that passage to

the east coast was impossible. So he phoned up his manager Art Collins and told

him he was stranded. Ever resourceful, Collins suggested Mr. Ig go to Paris for

a couple of days and pray for a melt-down, which is where he is as we speak.

Also, we knew that Perry Farrell was interviewing the Igster for Ray Gun

but what we didn't know was that Farrell personally invited Iggy to perform at

his OWN FESTIVAL next summer--not Lollapalooza. (Although the Lolla folks are

interested in having the reformed Stooges on the bill). In the meantime, Iggy

and the redoubtable Collins are going off to Europe later this month for a fun

filled week of promo, beginning with a stop in London on January 27, then

Hamburg, Cologne, and a final stay in Gay Paree.