Joey Ramone's "Kick Out The Jams '96"

Joey and CJ plan to get out of the house Saturday.

He's leaving for the final leg of the Ramones' final tour

on Tuesday, but before he hits the road Joey Ramone wants to make some noise in

NYC. You'll find him, along with a number of other bands at the Continental

Saturday (Jan. 13). "Everybody's been stuck in side cause of the blizzard,"

Ramone told us. "This is a chance to get out and cause a little anarchy."

Ramone himself will perform with the very cool punk-ska combo, the Independents

(which he's now co-managing). They plan to do "Life's A Gas," "Johnny Thunders'

"I Love You" and the old Creedence Clearwater Revival tune "Have You Ever Seen

the Rain." Also rockin' will be the native American Indian punk band Blackfire,

CJ Ramone's Los Gusanos, Stop and the Independents doing their own set. Doors

open at 8 PM with the first band on at 9 PM. For more info call 212-529-6924.

"Now we're hearing it might snow Saturday," Ramone said. "But we don't care.

This show is going on snow or no