Melvins Move Out Of The Light

Melvins head back to the big dark recording studio to record next album.

The Melvins are going to go back in the studio with

GGGarth, the man responsible for producing other heavy-handed acts like Tool

and Rage Against Machine. Unbelievable as it may seem, the band goes into the

studio next week, and they plan to have the album released in April. There

seems to be a Melvins' fever building. Amphetamine Reptile is releasing some

rare 7-inches that the band recorded for them that have never seen the light of

day. They are releasing a very limited number and only on colored vinyl, so

start calling around, since you probably can't get these from your favorite

chain record store. Also out on Christmas Records are five rare live Melvins

seven- inches compiled in a box set. As you probably recall, the Melvins were a

major influence on Kurt Cobain.