Pearl Jam's Nonexistent Next Album

Cover art from Pearl Jam's latest single, Merkin Ball.

Will a new Pearl Jam album be released this year? The

official word is a firm no. Epic Records, the label that Pearl Jam record for,

insists that Pearl Jam is not on the 1996 release schedule. However we at ATN

know that Eddie Vedder has maintained that he wants Pearl Jam to be like Kiss

and release an album a year. "That was before," a label publicist told us

cryptically. Before what? Well we have it from a reliable source that, in fact,

an album will be released this year baring unexpected developments (and with

Pearl Jam, you can't take anything for granted). The band began recording last

summer in Chicago with producer Brendan O'Brien when they played Soldier Field.

Additional tracks were laid down in New Orleans this past fall, again with Mr.

O'Brien. A slew of tracks have been recorded. But when the album will

see the light of day this year is still anybody's guess. We'll keep you posted.