Say It's Your Birthday: Meat Puppet's Curt Kirkwood

Still rockin' after all these years, and more power to them.

As today's birthday chef Curt Kirkwood says, "Let them eat

meat!" Born January 10, 1959 in Amarillo, Texas, Curt should know. He's been

serving steaming slabs of occasionally lysergic guitar weirdness to fans of his

band, Meat Puppets since 1980, and those fans can't seem to get enough. The

secret of the long-lasting Meat Puppets' diet is that the meat itself never

changes, but Curt and pals have found about a hundred different ways of serving

the stuff. They started out as thrash merchants, invented cow punk by accident,

unplugged, plugged back in louder than ever, got tight, got loose, imitated ZZ

Top and were imitated by Nirvana and scores of post-punk others. What a long

strange lunch it's been--and the meal is far from finished. In fact, if there's

anyone on the scene who looks capable of stepping in to replace Jerry Garcia's

suddenly canceled cooking show, it might just be chef Curt. Also dining at the

birthday barbecue are Rod (no long the Mod or the Bod, but not the

useless old Sod quite yet) Stewart, the late Jim Croce, Pat Benatar, Donald

Fagen (Steely Dan), Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Aynsley Dunbar, Greg

Kriesel (Offspring) and Ronnie Hawkins.