Step Aside Blur, Get Ready For Oasis To Go After Radiohead

Oasis take a breather in a San Francisco dressing room. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Noel Gallagher told ATN that Radiohead's "Fake Plastic

Trees" is one of his favorite records, but unfortunately the Oxford-based band

doesn't return the favorite. In a recent interview lead whiner, Thom Yorke

mentioned five records that turned him off, and you guessed it, Yorke not only

put Oasis on his list--but he gave them all five slots. "I know I'm going to

get into trouble if I answer that, 'cos it would just be five Oasis records. In

fact, I'll just say every Britpop record, which lets me off slagging anyone in

particular." Yeah except Noel and the guys.