Sex Pistols To Reform?

They lit the match that started the flames of punk burning throughout the world. First (and only) studio album is a classic.

Those persistent rumors abound about a possible Sex

Pistols reunion were further fueled by a UK report that the group will play a

July festival in Glasgow, Scotland. We understand that if John Lydon transforms

himself into Johnny Rotten, the label most likely to land the group will be

Almo Records, headed by Lydon's buddy Howard Thompson. And, if this farfetched

scheme comes to fruition, the group would consist of the original line-up:

guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook, bassist Glen Matlock and the Rotten

one. Meanwhile, we know for sure that Lydon has been working on another solo

album for over two years. To tell you the truth, we hope this Sex Pistols

reunion thing is someone's idea of a bad joke. Although actually, if they can

nab a big enough advance, it might actually make sense in the right way. You

know, take the money and run. Just like the Pistols did the first time around.