Iggy's Album Postponed A Month

The Igster at the Hall of Fame concert last Sept. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Just when you were gearing up for a new Iggy album, we

have to tell you that Naughty Little Doggie has been pushed back a

month, because the Igster, ever the perfectionist, decided he didn't like the

order of the songs, and the album had to be resequenced and remastered. Iggy

still plans to include the 10 tracks we've previously told you about: "I Wanna

Live," "Innocent World," "Knucklehead," "To Belong," "Keep On Believing,"

"Outta My Head," "Shoeshine Girl," "Heart It Saved," "Look Away" and the

sure-to-be-controversial "Pussy Walk," in which Iggy talks rather explicitly

about high school girls. Tipper Gore will love "Pussy Walk." Expect the record

in the stores on March 6. Believe us, it's worth the wait.