Metallica, Patti Smith, Stooges, Soundgarden For Lollapalooza'96?

If Metallica headline, it will be Lollapaloo

Addicted To Noise exclusive: Metallica is at the top of

the Lollapalooza brain trust's list to headline this summer's traveling

festival. The dream lineup would also include Patti Smith, a reformed version

of the original Stooges (featuring the one and only Iggy Pop, natch),

Soundgarden and, get this, Waylon Jennings. While a Lollapalooza spokesperson

tells us that no formal offers have yet been made to any artist, we understand

that feelers have been put out to the appropriate parties. We also hear that

Metallica are being courted heavily, and that if they agree to sign on for the

tour, they want to pick two of the bands that will appear on the main stage.

And who do the boys in black want to perform with? Soundgarden and outlaw

country star Waylon Jennings. "That very may well turn out to be the lineup, "

said a source close to the action. "On the other hand, remember last year

everyone was talking about Neil Young, Snoop Dogg, and a reformed Clash and it

never happened."