New London Suede Album Due This Spring

Excellent debut album boasted a cover that we still love. Dig it Bob Dole.

Just when you'd thought you'd entered a London Suede-free

zone, there' s news of a new album due in April '96. The erstwhile glam band

has lost some of their momentum in the Britpop wars, but those who have heard

some of the material (20 songs in total) they've written for the upcoming album

were falling all over themselves to tell ATN about what state of fabulousness

leader Brett Anderson finds himself in. The band are currently ensconced with

Ed Buller and (former Eurythmic and current malcontent) Dave Stewart, recording

all 20 of the songs. After the precedent set by Smashing Pumpkins, Suede are

now threatening a double album too. Let's just hope Anderson is in a bit more

of an upbeat mood than he was when he recorded the low-key Dog Man