The New Issue Of Addicted To Noise Has Landed

Just in case you have this page bookmarked and don't

venture into other areas of the magazine, we want you to know that you are now

in the brand

new issue of Addicted To Noise. Not only is there a great cover

story package on

Alice In Chains, but cool features on


Survival Research Labs,

Electrafixion, the


Lips and much, much more. Oh yeah,

Michael Goodwin's

"In the Frame" film column is, as they say, a must read. And

if I were you, I would read Stuart Green's

"England's Dreaming" column, and I'd

head on over to the interview with the producer of

Saturday Morning

Cartoon's Greatest Hits in

"I Robot."

Also, continuing the theme, the great

Billy Altman's

"TV Eye" column is

all about The Cartoon Network. Check it out.