Red House Painters Touch The Heavens

Red House Painters' leader Mark Kozelek. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Addicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg writes: The next

Red House Painters album will contain some of leader Mark Kozelek's best writing

yet, based on five not-yet-mixed recordings that I've now had a chance to hear.

A standout is the epic "Make Like Paper," which Kozelek performed accousticly

at the Addicted To Noise anniversary party this past December. The recording

I've heard is an intense rocker that somehow mixes the earthiness of Neil

Young's "Down By The River" with the etheral Red House Painters' sound. The

song features a dramatic extended electric guitar solo from Kozelek that slowly

builds, before igniting into a cacophony of ecstatic noise. Another highlight

is "Song For A Blue Guitar," which finds Kozelek dueting with a female singer.

Occasional country-tinged steel guitar also adds a freshness to the Red House

Painters' sound. Clearly Kozelek is intent on evolving his music, and these

tracks indicate that he is on the right path. I can't wait for the whole album.

The Red House Painters, who released four albums and an EP on 4AD, parted ways

with the company last year over a disagreement regarding this new material.

Let's hope that a smart A&R person signs the Red House Painters soon. It's a

crime that one of America's best songwriters doesn't have a record