Stone Temple Pilot Flying Without A Net

New album due soon. Here's the cover of an old one.

Scott Weiland has been showing up with irritating

regularity at some of Los Angeles' hot spots. There was something rather cool

about him playing the part of the recluse after last year's drug bust, or even

when he was authentically a shut-in during the three years he was a

self-admitted heroin addict. Now clean and sober, Weiland was giddily speaking

to just about everyone when he attended the KROQ Christmas show in Los Angeles.

He was also glibly trading comments with the people in line, as he waited to

get into the Viper Room the next night to see Oasis perform at Johnny Depp's

infamous night club. Weiland even consented to an interview on KROQ, much to

the chagrin of his publicist, spilling the beans on all the things she'd been

trying to hush up for the past six months. Apparently he thinks he doesn't have

anything to hide--he certainly didn't act like it when he spoke to RIP

Magazine late last month. What we've gleaned from the very public Scott Weiland

is that the follow-up 1994's Purple, also produced by the fabulous

Brendan O'Brien, is finished and will hit the street on March 26. Unbelievable

as it may seem Weiland, and the rest of the band didn't self-destruct over the

past year's trials and tribulations--even though Weiland says they were "about

a hair's length" from breaking up." Weiland also confessed that when the band

started recording the new record in San Inez, outside of Santa Barbara, there

was still tension between him and the other band members. "We're kind of

reacquainting ourselves with each other right now. A lot of it [was] because of

my drug problem." Weiland professes to be clean and sober, except of course for

the anti-depressants that he's currently on.

But back to the album: we

don't have a title yet, but we do know that it'll show a rougher, edgier, more

"unsophisticated" Stone Temple Pilots to the world. Two songs that will be

included on it: "Tumble In The Rough" and "Barbarella."

Weiland has plans

to go back into the studio next month with producer Chris Goss to work on an

album for his "other" band, The Magnificent Bastards, who have been inked to

Atlantic. Previously The Magnificent Bastards--Weiland, Zander Schloss (Circle

Jerks), Vic "the Stick" Indrizzio (Masters Of Reality), Bob Thompson (Weiland's

brother Mike is no longer in the band, nor is Jeff Nolan from I Love

You)--contributed "Mockingbird Girl" to the Tank Girl soundtrack, and

"How Do You Sleep" to the John Lennon tribute album, but this is their first

full-length effort. So far they have a few throw-aways that they cut during

earlier sessions. The plan to meet up in Los Angeles the first week of February

and get down to business, with the intent of having an album released by

mid-April. Producer Chris Goss told us: "Whenever we get together to do a

Magnificent Bastard's track, it's pandemonium. It's always chaos trying to fit

in the record around everybody's schedule, but the tension and the rushing

makes for good pop music."