Chris Isaak On Dean Martin

Isaak doing Dean Martin impersonation at ATN anniversary party. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Everybody tells Chris Isaak he sounds like Roy Orbison.

But his real idol was Dean Martin, because of the way Dean-o handled drunks and

loudmouths in his audience. When Isaak was in Toronto earlier this year, he

told ATN contributor Peter Howell of the Toronto Star of a Dean Martin

concert he really enjoyed: "Damn, he looked good," said Isaak. "And he sounded

great: `Everybody loves somebody, sometime...' "And some goof at the back of

the crowd kept yelling, `Can't hear ya, can't hear ya!' "And Dean Martin kept

singing, `Everybody loves somebody, too...' with his middle finger raised up

like this (Isaak made well-known gesture) "It's like he was saying to the guy,

`Fuck you, I've got $4 million in the bank.' "And at the end of the song, he

said, `I'm tired and I wanna go home.' And he did just that.''

In other

Dean Martin news, the L. A. Times reports that Warner Bros. has

reoptioned Nick Tosches' excellent 1992 bio of Martin, which is titled:

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams. During the late '60s

as well as the '70s Tosches contributed an excellent article to

Creem and Rolling Stone. His bio of Jerry Lee Lewis,

Hellfire, is simply one of the best bios ever written about a rocker. A

film based on the Tosches' book could be a real winner, especially if directed

by Scorsese and screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, a possibility according to the


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