Beatles Special On ABC Tonight

Painting by Cyril Jordan

We weren't gonna do it. We weren't gonna tell you about

the Beatles special, "The Beatles Anthology," a three-part, six hour

documentary that begins tonight on ABC at 9 PM (continues on Wednesday and

wraps up on Thursday). After all, every other media outlet in the known world

has been writing about this damn thing all week long. In fact, it's safe to say

that "The Beatles Anthology" is getting more attention now, 24 years after the

group broke up, than it would have gotten while the band was still together. Is

it any good? ATN was out fishin' during that private screening that the

surviving members of the band (you know, George, Paul and Ringo) arranged for

us. Just kidding. We'll check it out along with everyone else tonight. Spies

who have seen it say parts one and three are better than part two. But for

anyone who truly cares about rock 'n' roll, this is sure to be insightful in

many ways. Intentional and unintentional. Certainly seeing how the Beatles

themselves want the world to remember them should be fascinating. And this is a

group (as MTV reminded us this past week) whose fans included Perry Farrell,

Kurt Cobain and Jerry Cantrell. And probably you too.